We are passionate about your safety and security whilst your away and want to ensure you get your lost items back quickly!

Luggage tags are used in case luggage becomes lost during travels. They typically include the name of the person who owns the luggage, their address and phone number. This contact information is added to the tag so that the airline or another passenger can call the bag's owner if the bag gets lost and needs to be returned. Tags are also used so passengers don't get their bags confused with someone else's. While a luggage tag is helpful for all of the above reasons, it can place a person at risk. If the wrong person sees the information, the situation could become an unsafe one.

QR Code luggage tags are a good alternative. These two dimensional bar codes won't allow strangers to read what's on the tag, at least not with naked eyes. If they were to scan  a safebagtag QR Code, it would reveal the traveler's online contact form, which could be used to contact him or her in case the luggage was lost or mixed up with someone else's.

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